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Down Payment Assistance Program

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What Is Down Payment Assistance?

MIG & OTR recognize that down payment for insurance policies can be a big hurdle for trucking companies. Down Payment Assistance (DPA) allows for a trucking company to maintain cash flow by deferring up to 50% of their insurance down payment. DPA is eligible to select OTR Solutions customers that are binding an insurance policy with Marquee Insurance Group.

How Does It Work?

If a carrier elects to enroll in Down Payment Assistance they will pay back the deferred amount over a certain amount of time – most typically 4-6 week period. The payback plan would involve OTR collecting the amount of money out of weekly invoices submitted by the carrier for factoring. This process allows gradual repayment without disrupting the carrier’s cashflow, and their insurance coverage.

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What OTR Says About MIG:

"Marquee Insurance Group helps find the best quote for all carriers!"
"We always recommend MIG to truckers seeking flexible, affordable insurance plans that put them on the path to success."
"We selected Marquee Insurance Group as our insurance partner based on their track record of innovation, relationships with over 50 insurance providers and markets, and first-rate service."

Key Benefits of Choosing MIG:

In the transportation industry, smart insurance decisions are essential for long-term business success. MIG’s team of agents and specialists focuses on creating a customized coverage plan specific to each trucking company’s business needs. 

MIG helps trucking firms balance their insurance costs with risk mitigation, safety, and loss prevention techniques. MIG works with owner-operators and large carriers alike.

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