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Marquee Insurance Group offers solutions to put the power back in the trucker's hands.


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We've created connections with trusted partners in the industry to deliver you the best opportunities for success.

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Client Testimonials

"Marquee have been very helpful. Not only did they work harder than others in their field to get me the best insurance deal, both qualitative and financially achievable. They are quick when a COI is needed and access to information is easy. Respectful treatment is also appreciated."
"I've worked with Marquee Insurance Group for 4 straight years and all this years its been a great experience. Starting with talking to their sales team to meeting them in person has been great on every years quote. Their customer service team have been at there best at what they do all the time. Ending with their billing team which has resolved some of my biggest concerns on our accounts.Thank you Marquee team for a great experience always."


Marquee was established within the transportation industry, specifically by leading freight & factoring companies (NTG & OTR). After being founded in 2014, MIG quickly established itself as a specialist in the trucking insurance industry. Marquee quickly expanded its office locations from Roswell, GA to Athens, GA; Charleston, SC; and Scottsdale, AZ, all within the first 8 years of business. MIG has become a trusted partner throughout the ever-changing insurance and trucking landscape through its exceptional customer service and innovative technology.

MIG leverages technology and industry expertise to create a hassle-free and connected experience for our carriers and insurance partners. As a company, Marquee continues to adapt and deliver innovative solutions that empower our insureds all whilst leading with exceptional customer service. Through our strategic partnerships and safety programs, we enable continued value and protection on the journey towards running a successful trucking operation.

We work with over 50 top A-Rated insurance carriers that not only provide a great rate but also the availability to grow your business. 

Marquee offers a variety of services to simplify trucking. Other than Insurance coverages, Marquee offers a Safety Monitoring Program, Fuel Card, Health Benefits, and More. Our agency also has a dedicated customer service team consisting of a claims team, billing team, renewal representatives, COI team, and more.

Marquee provides the insurance coverages you need to get on the road. Our coverages include Auto Liability, Physical Damage, Motor Truck Cargo, General Liability, Per Shipment Cargo, Occupational Accident, Workers’ Compensation, and more.

Marquee Insurance Group’s BOOST Safety Program empowers carriers to take control of their business, by giving them easy access to their CSA Safety Scores. Our program provides a detailed look into a carrier’s scores on a monthly basis in addition to a comparison of the industry’s average. Know which vehicles are causing issues, and gain advice on how to make improvements.

Marquee’s Fuel Card is accepted at over 8,000 truck stop locations and offers an average savings of 30¢ per gallon. You additionally receive tire and truck service discounts.

Enjoy reduced rates programs from major insurance carriers that include Short Term Health, Accident, Dental, Vision, Telehealth, Prescription Drugs, and Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance.

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