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Transporting Produce

July marks the end of produce season, but that doesn’t mean the shipping of produce stops. Watch and learn about some important produce hauling facts as Dee Stephens and JT Garner play Guess That Produce.

No Need to Scream Over Ice Cream

Ice cream is associated with being a fun and chill product, but when it comes to hauling this commodity, things can get complicated.

Hauling Fireworks

Happy July! Did you know that the 4th of July is the biggest firework holiday in the United States? Watch as Dee Stephens goes through Phantom Fireworks and discusses what truckers should know when it comes to hauling these hazardous materials.

National Logistics & Insurance Awareness Day

June 28th is not only National Logistics Day but also Insurance Awareness Day! In honor of these special holidays, we decided to quiz some logistics specialists. Join us as Jared Comstock, CTP from NTG, Jorie Myers from Atlanta Dispatch, and Gary Walker from OTR Solutions go head to head in the ultimate trucking and insurance trivia battle.

Ice Cream Hauling Tips

Today marks the 1st Day of Summer, and as the weather continues to heat up, we want to share some cool tips for Hauling Ice Cream as a Commodity. Check out Dee Stephens and our Customer Service Manager, Awbrey Lumpkin, as they share their ice cream knowledge.