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Removing Vehicles

Questions with Dee – Removing Vehicles

Ever wonder, “Why can I not remove a vehicle from my policy even if I’m not using it”? There are many factors that can go into this. Check out the video to see why.

Which Policy Is This?

Which Policy Is This?

Understanding your policy is just as important as having one. Dee Stephens, Marquee’s Claims Manager, is here to help explain the differences between the 4 main policies truckers encounter when getting insurance for their business.

New Venture Tips Pt. 2

Kyle and Beau are back with Episode 2 of Truck Talk! (Filmed before social distancing) Insurance can be complicated but we are here to start a helpful conversation. This episode goes more in-depth about not only coverage but also safety for truck drivers and the importance of insurance company ratings.

New Venture Tips Pt. 1

With many combined years of experience in insurance, freight brokering, and working with owner-operators, Kyle and Beau are passionate about guiding your trucking business through the industry to find success. As trucking specialists, MIG is committed to helping you work through those challenges and keep you informed.