Hurricane Season

Hurricane Season Tips

Hurricane season is upon us, and according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), it predicts an above-average storm season. For clarity, an average hurricane season consists of (on average) 14 named storms, seven hurricanes, and three major hurricanes. Forecasting the 2022 season, Scientists at Colorado State University foresee 19 named storms and nine hurricanes, 4 of which could be a Category 3 (winds 111mph or higher). 

CoreLogic’s 2021 Climate Change Catastrophe Report states that hurricanes last year caused property damage of $33 billion. Without proper insurance, damage from a single severe storm could put a trucking company out of business.

Hurricane Preparedness

Hurricanes do not need to make landfall to cause damage to a vehicle. High winds, flooding, fallen trees, and downed power lines can put you and your truck at risk. Damage from a hurricane or even the effects of a storm can stop an operation for days. 

Communicate with your drivers and dispatchers to work on avoiding flooded areas. By constantly checking the DOT National Traffic & Road Closure Information website, you can stay on top of the regions to avoid. It is important to note that the FMCSA has Hours of Service previsions for hazardous weather. 

If your driver cannot avoid an affected area, make sure they have a hurricane preparedness kit somewhere in their truck. The kit includes:

Insurance Effects

When major weather disasters are imminent, insurance companies enact a moratorium. A moratorium is when an impending disaster/weather event leads an insurance company to stop issuing and updating policies.

Possible catastrophes that may cause a moratorium include but are not limited to hurricanes, wildfires, earthquakes, and riots/civil commotions. After an insurance company implements this, the following apply:

For these reasons, it is wise to make all possible changes to your policy sooner rather than later.

Moratoriums usually end once the threat/disaster has passed. In cases of hurricanes, the policy restrictions most likely will be lifted once the storm has already made landfall and passed through the affected area.

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