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How to Avoid Roadside Inspections

DVERs – How to Avoid Violations During Roadside Inspections

The CSA Behavior Analysis and Safety Improvement Categories (BASICs) organize data from roadside inspections. From this data, a score is given for each category. Our partner, CDL Consultant, has the knowledge and services to help lower your scores.

New Venture Tips | Factors That You Might Run Into As A New Venture

Tips for New Ventures – Part 2

Starting as a new venture is an exciting time for a trucking business. We went over the basics of your insurance policy in our last blog – Tips for New Ventures and heard from Kyle and Beau in our first new venture YouTube video. Now let’s cover some more factors that you might run into as a new venture.

New Venture Tips Pt. 2

Kyle and Beau are back with Episode 2 of Truck Talk! (Filmed before social distancing) Insurance can be complicated but we are here to start a helpful conversation. This episode goes more in-depth about not only coverage but also safety for truck drivers and the importance of insurance company ratings.

New Venture Tips Pt. 1

With many combined years of experience in insurance, freight brokering, and working with owner-operators, Kyle and Beau are passionate about guiding your trucking business through the industry to find success. As trucking specialists, MIG is committed to helping you work through those challenges and keep you informed.