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PSP vs MVR An essential screening tool that motor carriers should utilize is the Pre-Employment Screening Program (PSP).  Many motor carriers do not know the… Read More »PSP vs MVR

CDL License Requirements

CDL Licenses

Different CDL Types Commercial Driver’s License In the United States, individuals who drive most types of commercial motor vehicles (CMV) must possess a commercial driver’s… Read More »CDL Licenses

Which Policy Is This?

Which Policy Is This?

Understanding your policy is just as important as having one. Dee Stephens, Marquee’s Claims Manager, is here to help explain the differences between the 4 main policies truckers encounter when getting insurance for their business.

Preparing Against Claims Kit


Whether it is your fault or not, accidents happen, and in the trucking industry, filing claims can be a giant headache. To help lessen the impact of that headache, Marquee’s Claims Manager, Dee Stephens, has created a PACK (Preparing Against Claims Kit).