Preparing Against Claims Kit

Preparing Against Claims Kit

Whether it is your fault or not, accidents happen, and in the trucking industry, filing claims can be a giant headache. To help lessen the impact of that headache, Marquee’s Claims Manager, Dee Stephens, has created a PACK (Preparing Against Claims Kit).

What Goes in a Kit?

The contents should include an Insurance Binder, Disposable Camera, Flashlights (with Extra Batteries), Road Flares, Hazard Triangles, Reflective Vest, Mini Fire Extinguishers, and Spare Fuses.

Insurance Binder 

Your source of information regarding your vehicle, business, and insurance information. You can also add more spaces to store important documents from the accident. Here is where you would keep an updated:

Claims Kit - Insurance Binder

Disposable Cameras

Phone malfunctions happen. Also, there is a possibility of confiscation of your phone as evidence by the authorities. If your phone is confiscated, you can always take your own photos with a disposable for your own records.


If an accident occurs at night, see the scene clearly. Complete a full inspection of your truck before leaving the scene of the accident if your vehicle does not require a tow.

Road Flares

If an accident happens at night, you want to add as much light to the scene as possible. Road flares help oncoming traffic recognize there is a hazard far before they pass it. When moving around on the side of the road, you should add an extra layer of safety there to clear the scene and obtain any documents or evidence you may need.

Hazard Triangles

These help guide traffic away from the collision. Placing a set of three fluorescent triangles behind the accident helps onlookers gauge a safe path around the wreckage to prevent additional claimants.

Reflective Vests

Help others identify you and allow you to move freely on the side of the road to complete your checkpoints safely.

Mini Fire Extinguishers

Big fires start as small flames. If you can identify a small fire you can safely manage to put out you can avoid major wreckage, costs, and additional claimants.

Spare Fuses

Prevent electrical issues and avoid fires. If you see a fuse damaged, swap them out as soon as possible.

“You hope you never have to use the PACK but are really glad you have in case of an accident. You never know when you may experience a vehicle accident or an emergency on the road, and it’s better to be prepared with this great kit in your truck. This kit includes really handy items in case you are involved in a car accident.” – Dee Stephens

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