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Marquee Claims Services

At Marquee, our Claims Team will help facilitate and guide you through the claims process. In addition, we will assist in ensuring that your policy providers are notified, and an adjuster is assigned accordingly.

Steps To File A Claim

For commercial policies, all claims must be reported to your auto liability provider regardless of severity or fault.

1. Once an incident has occurred, move out of oncoming traffic, and ensure that all parties involved are safe.
2. When everyone is safe, please call 911 to report the incident.
3. After the police have been notified, please take photos and/or videos of the damages to all involved vehicles and property.
4. If your vehicle is equipped with a dashcam, check to see if the incident was captured.
5. If any cargo was damaged, please make sure to notify the necessary broker that you were involved in an incident.
6. Report the claim directly to Marquee, or your insurance provider, within 24 hours. 
7. Keep in mind that it is extremely important to report ALL losses as quickly as possible. Failure to properly report a loss can potentially lead to early termination or non-renewal of your policy/policies.
At Marquee, we offer after-hours and weekend support for reporting and filing claims.

Report A Claim To Your Provider

Click on your provider below to report a claim. Please note select providers require a claim to be filed directly through our agency.
For questions, reach out to our office at (833) RING-MIG.

Don't see your provider listed?

Reach out to Marquee's Claims Team at or Call (833) RING-MIG.

Helpful Claims Tips

1.  Respond Quickly
Your response is important and necessary. Please respond quickly to all correspondence from us and your adjustor.
2. Report ALL Accidents
It is important that your provider is notified of all incidents, no matter how minor they may seem. Additionally, all incidents need to be reported regardless of responsibility.
3.  Promptly Provide ALL Documentation
Documentation is required for most claims to be investigated. Providing documentation quickly will help move the process along. A few examples of documentation that may be requested are police reports, a trailer interchange agreement, or a bill of lading. Requested documentation can vary depending on the type of claim.
4.  Keep Your Driver/Unit Schedule Up-To-Date
Please make sure your unit/driver schedule are up to date. All changes to your policy must be submitted through our Operations Team. Please note that coverage cannot be assumed to be bound without written confirmation from an Authorized Representative of Marquee Insurance Group.
5.  Provide Complete Details
When reporting a claim, please give a clear description of the incident. Please include details regarding damage to your vehicle, damages to cargo, and damages to other involved vehicles, or property.

Claims FAQs

As your agency, we can file a claim on your behalf and follow up with you and your adjuster accordingly. We help you provide the necessary documentation, as well as act as a liaison between you and your provider.

Once a claim is filed, an adjuster is assigned. This adjuster will reach out to you directly for more information and will be your main point of contact during the claims process.

Only your adjuster can determine whether or not you have coverage for towing and other expenses incurred. Once an adjuster has been assigned, they will assist in explaining coverage.

The timeframe can vary depending on the provider, but a typical assignment happens in 3-5 business days. In some cases, it may take up to two weeks for an adjuster to be assigned.

We recommend having all documentation and information over in a timely manner. Also, it is very important to communicate with your adjuster as needed. Effective communication is key!

File A Claim Through Marquee


Reach out to Marquee's Claims Team at or Call (833) RING-MIG.