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Client Services

Marquee Insurance Group offers a wide variety of client services. See how we assist you with your trucking needs!

Monthly Payment Portal

Client Portal

Make Policy Changes

If you need immediate assistance in requesting a change to your policy, please email or call us at 678-483-8151.

Please note that these requests are not complete and additional coverage is not in effect until you have written confirmation from us.

Per Shipment Cargo

Marquee Insurance Group offers its clients Per Shipment Cargo (PSC), an excess line of coverage for specific shipments while transporting that particular cargo. This coverage will apply to Insured Goods after departing from their shipping point while in transit to their final destination as detailed in the bill of lading, tariff, shipping receipt, or contract of carriage. Some exclusions may apply depending on your primary provider and/or commodity requiring coverage. Contact our customer service team at for any questions.

Certificates Of Insurance

Client services include 24/7 access to certificates and other policy documents through the online portal.
If you need assistance with COIs, email us your certificate request at

Please allow up to 20 minutes for processing.

Claims Assistance

Marquee’s Claims Team helps facilitate and guide you through the claims process. We assist in ensuring that all the correct providers are notified and adjusters assigned accordingly. Our Claims Team has your best interests in mind and works to help in any way possible. 

Been in an accident? We are here to walk you through it.

After an accident, we know things can get hectic and stress levels are at an all-time high. Safety is always our number one concern, so make sure everyone is okay, then follow the below steps.

  1. Call The Police
    It is imperative to always contact law enforcement if there is another individual or vehicle involved in the accident. The authorities can help ensure that all facts and loss details are recorded accurately. Also, they will facilitate the dispatching of emergency vehicles and/or a tow company if needed.

  2. Take Pictures
    If permitted, take pictures of the accident scene. This includes the vehicles involved, position on the road, road signs, and any traffic conditions. Occasionally, law enforcement will not allow photographs to be taken. In these situations inform your driver to follow their instructions.

  3. Exchange Insurance Information
    If possible, exchange insurance information with the other parties involved. Frequently the police report can take several days to receive. Furthermore, this will help expedite the process of filing a claim.

  4. Call Your Insurance Carrier
    Regardless of fault, all accidents are required to be immediately reported to your liability insurance provider. The sooner the accident is reported, the sooner an adjuster can be assigned to investigate a claim. Cooperation and communication with the provider are imperative to the claim being handled in a timely manner. The phone number can be located on your CAB card and/or policy documents.

For more assistance, check out our Preparing Against Claims Kit.