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DOT Safety Compliance Services for Truckers

The Department of Transportation (DOT) compiles a checklist that all trucking companies, large and small, must comply with. No worries. Innovative Compliance Services is here to help!

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Why are there DOT Safety Standards?

  • Helps keep the motoring public, truck drivers, and their cargo safe

  • Ensure your fleet stays within the DOT Compliance Standards to avoid being put out of commission

Our Services

DOT Driver Qualification Files

Rather than spending precious hours maintaining driver files, our team of compliance experts will create and maintain driver files that are 100% audit-ready, and offer background screenings.

IFTA Data & Preparation

We compile information needed to file quarterly fuel tax reports, offer IFTA due date reminders and assistance, and payment vouchers.

Permits & Registrations

Enjoy the convenience of getting all of your permits and registrations in one place, including a peace of mind that your paperwork is submitted accurately all the time.

New Entrant DOT Safety Audit Support

New trucking companies of any size, including owner-operators, need to be prepared for an 18-month new entrant safety audit. With a 100% pass rate, our audit support team is ready to help guide you through your new entry safety audit.

DOT Background Checks

From a thorough pre-employment drug screen to a criminal background check, we’ll look into every prospective employee to make sure you’re hiring the safest possible drivers for your business and help keep the roads safer.

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