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Starting or running a trucking company can be difficult and overwhelming. There are a lot of regulations and compliance standards that are constantly evolving. Understanding what these standards and regulations are, and how they apply to you is imperative to the success of your business.

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Compliance Done Right

Entering the transportation trucking industry, there were a lot of issues that we found, and carriers didn’t have a lot of access or exposure to compliance solutions, consultants, resources, or even education. Vallon Consulting provides consulting services and tools to help clients start their trucking business on the right foot and ensure their continued success throughout the life of their business. Our mission is to reduce the number of carriers that fail, and we strive to improve the industry one day at a time.

What Sets Us Apart

Husband and wife driving team checking their notebook computer log while standing next to the cab of their commercial truck after sunset.


Our team of experienced professionals goes above and beyond to ensure that your questions are answered and your compliance needs are taken care of. Whether you are calling to ask about FMCSA regulations, trying to start your trucking company, or need assistance being in compliance. Our team is here to help!

Husband and wife driving team checking their itinerary while standing in front of their commercial truck.


We have helped thousands of trucking companies start their business and stay in compliance. We do this by maintaining a personalized approach to each of our clients and understanding that every company has different needs. We take the time to get to know you and your business. Our team remains consistent with their communication and updates on where you stand in compliance and what is required for your business to operate legally.

Female truck driver standing next to the cab of her truck near the highway in eastern Washington, USA.


We are a consulting firm specializing in compliance, however, we are a one-stop shop. If there is something we don't do in-house, we have a number of strategically picked partners to assist you. Everything from Fuel Cards, Factoring, Warranties, Dispatching, Truck Acquisition, Insurance, and more...

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