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Safety Monitoring Simplified

BOOST your CSA Safety Scores into the green with an up-to-date monitoring system exclusively for Marquee Insurance Group clients. BOOST utilizes proprietary MIG software to empower truckers to make safe decisions for the road ahead.

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Make Safety A Priority

Marquee Insurance Group’s BOOST Safety Program empowers carriers to take control of their business, by giving them easy access to their CSA Safety Scores. Our program provides a detailed look into a carrier’s scores on a monthly basis in addition to a comparison of the industry’s average. Know which vehicles are causing issues, and gain advice on how to make improvements.

BOOST Features

Safety Report Card

Every month enjoy a complimentary Safety Report Card that provides you a detailed look into your safety scores, broken down into each specific CSA BASIC. The full report includes a thorough compilation of all the Inspections that took place for that month's report.

Unscheduled Units Notice

Be promptly notified when you have a vehicle inspected that is not currently listed on your policy. These notifications can help you avoid future claim denials or cancellations, and empower you to be in control. Know if you need to file a Data Q or add a vehicle to your insurance policy.

Scores Increase Alert

Receive an alert when your scores have been consistently increasing to gain a better understanding of what CSA BASICs you need to focus on. This alert puts you in the driver seat on the road to safety. With discounted rates through our safety partner, Innovative Logistics, you can begin to lower those scores.


Benefit from BOOST

Monitoring your company’s safety is imperative to maintaining a successfully running business. High safety scores and issues with unscheduled units can cause significant issues for your company. With BOOST you leave nothing to chance. We monitor your scores and offer you all the information needed to make smart business decisions.
Safety has never been easier!

How Can We Help You?

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It


"Running a growing trucking company can be stressful enough and keeping up with drivers on the road can be challenging. Marquee’s BOOST program has taken the guess work out of my safety scores. The monthly report cards allow me to keep a close eye on any changes in our scores and take action immediately. There was one situation where a DOT officer had typed in the incorrect DOT number during an inspection that had multiple violations. The BOOST report flagged it and the customer service team at Marquee helped walk me through the steps to get it removed from our record!"


"Marquee’s BOOST program was an unexpected perk of doing business with them and ultimately helped me drive down my insurance costs at my renewal. Understanding my inspection and safety metrics and how they compare to the rest of the industry has been a huge value to our business, and we’ve made strong improvements based on BOOST’s scoring system. Thanks Marquee for leading the way with this program!"


"Insurance rates were one of the things we didn’t think we had much control over as a small trucking company. We knew about our safety scores, but we would get busy and honestly forget to check them on a regular basis. Thanks to BOOST!, we now receive monthly reports that monitor our safety scores for us. Not only does this help measure any changes in our scores, it also helps us see which units are receiving the most violations. This has been a game changer for our company and because of the action we took early on, we’re now in the best position since starting our business. Thanks MIG! "