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Trucking Simplified


Safety Simplified

Marquee Insurance Group’s BOOST Safety Program empowers carriers to take control of their business, by giving them easy access to their CSA Safety Scores. Our program provides a detailed look into a carrier’s scores on a monthly basis in addition to a comparison of the industry’s average. Know which vehicles are causing issues, and gain advice on how to make improvements.

Solutions Designed for You

MIG leverages technology and industry expertise to create a hassle-free and connected experience for our carriers and insurance partners. With our deep-seated knowledge of the transportation industry, we understand all that goes into maintaining and growing a successful trucking company. Through our strategic partnerships and safety programs, we enable continued value and protection throughout your journey of running a successful trucking operation.


MIG’s specialists focus on creating a customized coverage plan specific to your business needs. Through innovation, strategic partnerships, and first-rate service, we empower you on the road to long-term business success. 


Safety is a big factor in determining a trucking company's insurance premium. Marquee wants to help you keep your rates low, which is why we started a safety program that will monitor and provide clear suggestions.


Managing your fleet's fuel should not be difficult. Marquee works to simplify the fuel process, by providing industry-leading discounts in addition to an easily accessible fuel managing platform that puts the power of fuel back into your hands.


Marquee offers clients a range of insurance options at reduced rates. The programs from major insurance carriers include Short Term Health, Accident, Dental, Vision, Telehealth, Prescription Drugs, and Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance. 

Are You Ready to Get Covered?

Services Simplified


Marquee knows how stressful filing a claim can be. Our claims team helps facilitate the claims process from beginning to end. We have your best interests in mind and work to help in any way possible.


Our Billing Team works with you to make the billing and payment process as seamless as possible. They also utilize their relationships with our billing providers to help maintain policy enforcement.

Policy Changes

Marquee’s dedicated Customer Service Team assists with any changes throughout your policy term. They also offer advice and feedback to help your business grow successfully.


We make renewing stress-free and give you peace of mind. Your personal Renewal Representative helps you get top coverage at the fairest price by shopping your company to all available markets to give you the best options.