Top Workplace 2021

MIG Top Workplace in 2021

Roswell, GA (3/22/2021) – Marquee Insurance Group, LLC has been named #23 on the 2021 list of AJC Top 150 Workplaces in Atlanta. Around 3,000 companies participated in the 2021 Top Workplaces awards. The AJC gives awards based on the results of a third-party employment survey with feedback scores (Energage).

Placements signify where employees expressed that they feel engaged, appreciated, and fulfilled in a company. This is the first year that Marquee Insurance Group has qualified to earn the distinction, and it’s the first time winning the award. Navigating the past year successfully for their employees is a testament to the company’s focus on maintaining culture, corporate responsibility, and employee success.

“Ranking as a 2021 Top Workplace makes me proud. We maintain a dedication to creating environments where we offer the very best for our employees and clients alike,” said Kyle Richards, President of Marquee Insurance Group. “There is excitement to grow and create policies that inspire our employees to thrive and become engaged in our workplace.

About MIG

Marquee Insurance Group LLC is a commercial insurance company specializing in the transportation industry. MIG strives to provide excellent service and superior protection. They offer a range of services that benefit the owner-operator. Deeply established within the transportation industry, MIG is a resource for new ventures, owner-operators, and fleet owners alike. Also, MIG strives to create an engaging and growth-driven workplace for its employees.


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