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Removing Vehicles

Questions with Dee – Removing Vehicles

Ever wonder, “Why can I not remove a vehicle from my policy even if I’m not using it”? There are many factors that can go into this. Check out the video to see why.

Policy Cancellation

Policy Cancellation Misconceptions

When running a trucking company, one must obtain insurance. If for any reason the insurance needs to be canceled, it is important to know what that means for their business. Canceling your insurance policy causes headaches for businesses.

Which Policy Is This?

Which Policy Is This?

Understanding your policy is just as important as having one. Dee Stephens, Marquee’s Claims Manager, is here to help explain the differences between the 4 main policies truckers encounter when getting insurance for their business.

Preparing Against Claims Kit


Whether it is your fault or not, accidents happen, and in the trucking industry, filing claims can be a giant headache. To help lessen the impact of that headache, Marquee’s Claims Manager, Dee Stephens, has created a PACK (Preparing Against Claims Kit).

New Venture Tips | Factors That You Might Run Into As A New Venture

Tips for New Ventures – Part 2

Starting as a new venture is an exciting time for a trucking business. We went over the basics of your insurance policy in our last blog – Tips for New Ventures and heard from Kyle and Beau in our first new venture YouTube video. Now let’s cover some more factors that you might run into as a new venture.